Sunday, December 17, 2006

Eagles-Giants Live Blog with Playoff Implications

This game is brimming with playoff implications. I may have to invent a glove that protects your hand from the brimming playoff implications spilling out of your glass. Giants vs Eagles, rivalry, good announcers, the blogmaster live blogging. What more could you possibly want?

1st Quarter
-Tiki Barber scores early after an Eagles punt. Barber usually destroys the Eagles, this is an especially porous run defense as of late. I expect Barber to have a big game..

-Garcia answers with a drive, as Joe Buck puts it , that is “laced with precision.” Aikmen has nothing but great things to say about Garcia. Big touchdown for the Eagles, took the crowd out of the game.

-I’m hungry and will need to get something to eat; live blog will have to wait.

2nd Quarter
-I’m back from my meal. And what a motherfucking meal it was. You motherfuckers should have seen it. A soup was involved, some salad, and a main course. I am quite satiated.

-Westbrook’s diving touchdown is accentuated by Shuan Alexander taking the ball and spiking it with authority. The sideline shot of a fired up Alexander slapping the water bottle out of a trainer’s hand elicits laughter from the blogmaster.

-Giants close the half with a field goal and they get the ball at halftime this is not good.

3rd Quarter
-Omar Geither with a big sack followed by an interesting stutter step dance. Omar the rook getting start over white boy McCoy.

-Feagles punts for the Giants. I remember Feagles was on the Philly team in Madden ’95 that I took to the Super Bowl. Yeah but that was with no fatigue and penalites

-For some reason they show a split screen of Shockey and a fan that resembles him. How many cell phone calls do you think that fan just got? I would say he has at least 20 people simultaneously calling him. And lets just say many of the message involve the word 'dude'.

-Emmons comes back to haunt the Eagles with a big sack to push them out of field goal range. Hey remember when you wouldn’t give me any money. Well you were right, but watch me sack your QB in a game with playoff implications. Garcia with fire in his belly completes a pass to set up a missed Akers kick.

-A big Burress play leads to only a field goal. I’ll take it. Eagles up 14-13.

-Those Mac commercials are receiving excessive playing time. We get it. If you own a Mac you’re hip, conversely if you own a PC you are lame.

-Extreme closeup of Garcia’s bloodied and bandaged hand elicits a Sandleresque “guuuuuuuu” from the blogmaster.

4th Quarter
-Reno Mahe almost breaks a return touchdown but is caught from behind. Unfortunately, Mahe lacks breakaway speed. He is great at fair catching though.

-Nice play call. 3rd and 2, 4 WR and a hand off up the gut to Westbrook for a 26 yd touchdown. Eagles up 21-16.

-Garcia after a inexcusable unsportsmanlike penalty throws a horrid interception in the red zone. Giants return to Eagles territory and are threatening to take the lead.

-Plaxico Burress is tall, Sheldon Brown is not. Ball is thrown up for grabs, pass interference ensues.

-Jacobs steals a TD from Barber fantasy owners and puts Giants up 22-21.

-Reggie Brown scores a TD to put the Eagles in front. The Blogmaster is genuinely fired up. I haven’t experienced emotions this strong since the late 90’s. The ball is then given to an offensive lineman who spikes it. I like this new celebration the Eagles are doing. It can’t hurt get the big fellas involved.

-Eagles convert 2pt conversion and lead 29-22. Manning has 3 mins to perform some magic. Let’s think back to the backyard. You, Archie, and Peyton honing your game. You can do this.

-Trent Cole makes a magnificent pick and score on the first play of Manning’s comeback drive.

-Shockey gets destroyed by Mikell, my night is made.

Wow, the Eagles have done it. Take that North Jersey. Have fun not watching any playoff games Giants fans. The Eagles could take the division. They own all tiebreakers with the Cowboys. By the time they get to the super bowl McNabb should be healed. Things are looking good, yes?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have fun losing in the first round of the playoffs

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eagles suck

7:48 PM  
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