Sunday, September 24, 2006

Live Blog: Eagles vs. 49ers, Giants come back to haunt me once again

After live blogging the Eagles’ first game against the Texans, I decided to watch the Week 2 matchup against the Giants sans computer. The results were disastrous. Since I was not live blogging, it freed me up to send a cocky text message to one of the many degenerate Giants fans that inhabit my place of work after the Eagles jumped out to a commanding 24-7 lead in the game. I angered the football gods and as you know things went downhill from there. However, I am currently 1-0 when live blogging so let us hope that trend continues.

4:05: I turn on the television. I like to catch as little of the pregame show as possible. Giants are playing the Seahawks. I quickly turn to CBS but get highlights. I turn on NBC maybe they have the game, NBC carries football now, right? Do I have the NFL network?

4:15: Oh you motherfuckers think I care the game is not on TV. I have better things to do than watch football. I can play catch with my kids or spend some qualitiy time with the wife. Perhaps I can finish that novel I’ve been working on. The one that chronicles the coming of age of a young boy during the turmoil of the South African apartheid. I know that will finally get me out of this dreary, soul crushing job I have. Oh the look on old man Peterson’s face when I get published and I can quit that job. I am too smart for that place anyway. There is so much to do on this crazy blue marble than watch meanlingless football games. Have you ever walked by the ocean during dusk? Have you ever seen the . Wait, I can probably get the radio broadcast online, right?


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hey motherfucker it is called a satellite dish or go to any sports bar, welcome to the 21st century things are better here

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