Sunday, November 26, 2006

Flextastic: Eagles-Colts Live Blog

The Eagles still have a chance. I’ve talked myself into it. After watching an Eagles-esque collapse by Eli Manning and the Giants, I feel the Eagles have destiny on their side. The Giants are a mess; the wild card is up for grabs. I agree the loss of McNabb is devastating. The Eagles need McNabb and Westbrook to have any chance of a Super Bowl victory. However, I think the playoffs are still possible if we go 10-6 or 9-7. Jeff Garcia “was brought in for this reason” and he is no Mike McMahon. Let’s take a look at some Garcia’s stats from his prime.

2000 35 TD, 10 INT, 97.6 qb rtg
2001 37 TD, 12 INT, 94.8 qb rtg

So there is a chance. Garcia is only 36, maybe this time off will help him regain his form. We have seen QB’s older than Garcia regain their younger forms. So let the blogging begin. I am currently 1-0 when live blogging Eagles games so we’ve got that going for us.

1st quarter
-I turn on the TV. Andrea Kramer tells me McNabb will be watching the game from New Jersey with his leg elevated. I am doing the same.
-Sunday Night football, prime time, the flex game , good announcers… oh wait Madden and Michaels both suck and blow.
-Considine starts over Michael Lewis now? I am shocked. When did this happen. I have missed too many games this year.
-ABC flashes possible milestones Peyton Manning could surpass tonight. I think no one is more aware of his milestones than Manning. I imagine Manning with a pretty nicely put together excel spreadsheet tracking all of his milestones and how much more he needs to accomplish them.
-Not looking good, first drive Colts march down the field and score with a heavy dose of Addai
-Michaels jokes with Madden about a shot of a plane and if it makes him nervous. I forgot Madden doesn’t fly anywhere. What a pussy.
-ABC plays the Steve Miller Band ‘Fly like an Eagle’ leading to commercial. How clever.
-They start the game with 3 straight Westbrook runs, then a Westbrook screen pass. That looks like their game plan. Can Westbrook play QB?
-Garcia makes the binocular motion at scrimmage and converts a 3rd down conversion to Greg Lewis who holds on after getting hit hard. Peyton who? Garcia can make weird motions at the line and direct his offense as well.
-Another 3rd down run (unheard of for the Eagles) but it fails to convert. Akers misses the FG and ruins a great drive. That lost the game for them. The Eagles needed points there to answer the Colts opening drive.
-Eagles lose a challenge with a great one handed Wayne catch. Great catch, I’ll give him that but it looked like he pushed off and no one is mentioning it.
-Quarter ends Eagles down 7 with Colts in the red zone.

2nd Quarter
-Addai lights up the Birds for another score. 14-0. The Colts cannot be stopped. I can’t watch this game anymore. It is 9pm. I am going to watch Family Guy and when I return in 30 mins, I hope the Eagles are winning.
-Turn back to the game and it is 21-7. Not what I expected but we are still in it and we get the ball first after halftime.

3rd Quarter
- Good lord, Joseph Addai is really lacing into us and he's using the hickory stick. He has broken the 100 yd mark for the first time all season and we still have a quarter and half to play.
-31-7, I may have to stop watching soon. What about the rest of the season? I don't know if I can watch meaningless football games. It would be one thing if the Eagles were supposed to be bad. Then I would stick with them. But this team was supposed to be good and watching them play meaningless December games with Garcia will be to painful.
-Reggie Brown scores, which is bad for fantasy purposes but good in that I will stick around for the 4th Quarter. Quarter ends 31-14 Colts.
4th Quarter
-This Samsung HD commercial about people having to prepare extra to be on HDTV is true. I recently watched Sixers Post Game live in HD and Dei Lynam and John Nash are not suited for the improved clarity.
-Collingsworth is being brought into the booth via satellite to tell us how Jay Cutler will replace Plummer in next week's Sunday night game. They are already promoting next week's game. It is a good thing because Stallworth just pulled a Ricky Watters on a 3rd down play that went unnoticed because Michaels and Madden were distracted by Collingsworth's gentle decency.
-Now they are showing a clip of Coughlin trashing Manning for the interception. Is this how the rest of the game is going to play out? Michaels and Madden just chatting up NFL topics.
-Thankfully Lito Sheppard makes an amazing interception to bring attention back to the game at hand and end ABC's endless self promotion. Michaels calls it a "great pilfer job."
-Westbrook scores and 31-21 with plenty of time left and really sticks it to ABC.
-More Peyton Manning commercials. This new one steals a classic Simpsons joke. Peyton tells the moving guys "they are not booing , they're saying mooooove." Boo-erns to pilfering (via Michaels) a Simpsons joke.
-As the Colts continue run right through the Eagles D, Collingsworth is back to discuss the Eli Manning incident. Everytime I see Collingsworth appear I know the game is slipping farther and father out of reach.
-Collingsworth is back. Do they do this every game or just when the game is pretty much over? Actually this is a good way to handle uninteresting games. Just bring in Collingsworth to chat about the NFL. Like adding a new charachter to a TV show.
-Addai scores again to seal the proverbial deal. That is 44 fantasy points for Addai.
-Feely enters the game. You have to protect the Garcia.
-Game over 45-21. Reid does not look happy. I would like to see the press conference.
So the Eagles are 5-6. I bet you motherfuckers are happy about that. Garcia played reasonably well. The defense, especially the run D looked liked it had no idea what was going on the entire game. We could still finish 9-7 and squeak into the playoffs, yes?


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