Thursday, July 27, 2006

Giving the people what they want, one blog post at a time.

Has it really been over a month since our last blog posting? Our readership of approximately 10 people has probably all but faded away. A brief mention in a website read by millions was not enough to propel the blog to greatness (google that’s blogtastic, our link on that website appears as the second most popular choice). Maybe it is a good thing that four twenty-something college graduates can’t find time to sit in front of a computer and post blog entries. I blame my lack of output on the fact that the ‘p’ button on my keyboard must be struck in succession at least 5 times before it registers on the screen and how frustrating it is for me to type because p is a frequently used letter, after all, it is worth only 3 points in scrabble.

I think it is time for me to revitalize this blog. It is time to give people what they want. Lots of car chases and explosions. I noticed people like movies about pirates in tropical locations. I promise the blog will have more swashbuckling, spelunking, and special effects. People seem to like TV shows with judges where people are judged. We will let our readers post blog entries and they will subsequently be judged. I will be the harsh judge. I have a great list of witty putdowns that the audience will be sure to react with disapproval and jeers. Republicans have won the last two elections. My blog will be visible only to rich old white guys who will then trickle down the information to the less fortunate. Dan Brown has sold millions and millions of books. Therefore, every post I make will end in a cliffhanger and you will have to wait, constantly refreshing your browser for the next post to come. You can expect the same level of poor writing that Dan Brown offers because I am a man of science not words. I notice Leno consistently beats Letterman in the late night ratings. So expect a lot of Monica Lewinsky jokes and a segment where I walk around and interview people who obviously know what this segment is about and give ridiculous answers to questions and people laugh. Honestly, I really think you motherfuckers will enjoy this new look blog. Keep an eye out for more posts.


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