Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Blogmaster Watches Eagles vs Texans

I have an idea. I am going to watch this Eagles game and while viewing simultaneously add comments to the blog. This has never been done before and I am calling this novel concept a “live blog.” The 2006 Eagles are a mystery to me. I am no longer in the heart of Eagles country. I can’t listen to sports talk radio or read the Philadelphia Inquirer anymore. I now have to form my own objective opinions on the team. I tried to watch some preseason games but found them wrist slittingly dull and never made it past 15 minutes. So this will be my first Eagles exposure and because I am not surrounded by Eagles fans as I usually am, I will direct my comments to my computer screen.

1st Quarter

-I turn the television on. Defensive starters are being named. Who is this LB Matt McCoy for the Eagles?
-Our announcers are Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger. The Eagles need to start winning some games so we have the good announcing teams.
-Baldinger points out that Carr was second to Vick in QB rushing. I am surprised.
-The Texans have Eric Moulds?
-Buckhalter healthy is good. He will be the best backup running back they have had in a few years.
-Shawn Barber is back with the Eagles, that is nice
-Quarter ends, Titans 7, Eagles 0. This is not looking good, the Texans crowd is fired up. McNasty needs to step up his game.

2nd Quarter

-Where is James Brown? Chris Rose from the Best Damn Sports Show is giving me my gamebreak with attitude. I guess he was brought in to appeal to a younger, hipper crowd. I know all my friends watch his terrific show.
-The Donte Stallworth era begins with a touchdown. Albert refers to him as the anti T.O. because he is number 18 and doesn't celebrate after scoring . That is slightly clever. Did he just think of that or did he write that one down beforehand?
-Baldinger suggests the Eagles pick up Ryan Howard. A Phillies discussion commences. Baldinger scores points with the Blogmaster
-I enjoy Baldinger’s liberal use of the telestrator.
-After learning that Stallworth text messaged Chad Johnson for TD celebrations, Baldinger hypothesizes that all NFL receivers probably text message each other. I don’t know if I agree with that.
-Eagles 14, Texans 10. After playing poorly, Eagles are winning at the end of the half. Stallworth is prominently involved in both TD drives.

3rd Quarter
-A heavy dose of Westbrook. Eagles 21, Texans 10.
-McNabb has been working on his fake handoffs, not only did he make the safety bite on the TD to Stallworth but he has fooled the camera man at least 3 times today.
-I just learn my fantasy QB, Trent Green (who has played in 100 straight games), was knocked unconscious and carted off the field.

4th Quarter
-Burger King commercials are back.
-Finally some info on Matt McCoy. He is a draft pick. Baldinger says he is a “good crazy”
-The NFL is donating footballs signed by Paul Tagliabue to high schools. Doesn’t the NFL use larger balls than high school teams?

That’s a record. Mixed reviews on the live blog. I had trouble both blogging and watching a football game. Although it did give me something to do during the many commercials. Much like the Texans I lost steam towards the end and even fell asleep briefly during the 3rd quarter. Good start for the Eagles. The play of Buckhalter and Stallworth is promising. I hope you motherfuckers enjoyed the game as much as I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad there wasn't a blog of that awesome Giants game this past week!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if someone live blogs a football game and no one reads it , did it happen

10:49 PM  

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