Monday, April 17, 2006

Get your blog on: Blogging 101 from the Blogmaster on That's Blogtastic which can be reached through or

So you are thinking about starting your own blog. You may say, "Blogmaster I know very little about blogging and I’m not that funny, interesting or opinionated." Well, I disagree with that self effacing statement. You may not be compelling enough to start your own TV show (you’re no Carlos Mencia) but you definitely deserve a blog. America would enjoy reading your opinions on Barry Bonds and steroids. In fact, America needs to hear your opinions. Because frankly when a controversial sports topic appears in the news I check my newspapers, I check the sports talk radio, and then naturally I would want check the blog of some dude who lives in his parents basement. I would like to give you some tips on starting on your own blog because I know from experience.

1. Secure a clever domain name: This should be an obscure pop culture reference that when it comes down to it isn’t very funny at all

2. Create a Proper Blogging atmosphere: I blog while listening to one of my seven ipods, watching Sportscenter on my mobile phone, and downloading my homework assignments from the University of Phoenix. Because if you're blogging you have to be hip with the technology.

3. Invite your friends to join in the blogging fun: The more the merrier. You and your friends are always getting into situations with hilarious results. This should be documented in blog form with plenty of inside jokes that no one can understand. Remember that time Goldenarm almost fought Bloggington Bear because Vadz made Bruno choke on wings at the YMFFL draft. That was so very blogworthy.

4. Market your blog: Alert your buddy list, prominently display link in your myspace profile, casually drop it into conversation. Pretty soon your blog will “tip” and you will have a social epidemic on your hands.

So there you go, I challenge you to start your own blog. There is plenty of room in the blogosphere for the both us. Just remember when that blog is up and running you must keep on bloggin’, blog up a storm, blog like there is no tomorrow, blog with passion, blog safe, and blog happy.


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