Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Are you surprised at my tears? Strong men also cry. Strong men....also...cry.

Last night was the debut of Bonds on Bonds, a new ESPN reality show that will chronicle Bonds' chase at homerun history. I caught the end of the show where Bonds breaks down and cries about the media and fans' treatment of him. It seemed pretty genuine (unless he is a great fake crier, I myself find it very hard to fake cry). Sensitive Bonds crying caused me to feel a slight twinge of sorrow for the big headed man. He is constantly heckled from stadium to stadium with people throwing plastic syringes at him (hilarious). He has to answer questions about the new book Game of Shadows which exposes his steroid use. Mark McGwire probably benefited as much from steroids as Bonds but was not exposed while he was playing and subsequently did not feel the fan and media wrath.

I often wonder how I would handle situations like this if I was a professional athlete. If I were Bonds, I would have opened Bonds on Bonds curled up on the couch deeply engrossed in the Game of Shadows. I would have stated that it is a great read. One of the best books of the year. Some of the best fiction I have read in the while.


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