Thursday, April 20, 2006

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

You've finally done it. You made me hate you. You made an entire community turn its back on you. And can you really blame them? What's the "Answer?" Huh, Allen.

You proved two nights ago what some supposed cynics have been saying about you all your career. You proved you are a self-centered, God-damned son of a bitch.

I'm writing this to tell you that it's time for you to leave. We don't want you anymore. We don't need you anymore. And frankly we're disgusted by you. Not showing up on time to "Fan Appreciation Night" of all nights. "Have you no shame, sir....Have you no shame?"

These fans had your back for the past decade. They protected you when you were attacked in the media, they praised you when you captained the 76ers to the NBA Finals, they blushed like proud parents when you won your league MVP award and your All-Star Game MVP award.
And, Mr. Iverson, how do you repay them?

You are a thug. You are a pathetic malcontent. You are shill of a person. But most importantly, you are a fraud. You conned Philadelphia into seeing you as a martyr when the subject of trade was brought up. You said you wanted to stay with the Sixers, even finish your career wearing the red, white, and blue.

Well you lied. You don't care. You don't care about your teammates. You don't care about this city. And for damn sure you don't care about the fans. These people that took the time off on Tuesday night and wasted their hard earned money to buy tickets for "Fan Appreciation Night" and you don't have the decency to show up for the player introductions.

You are a 30-year-old man, not a child. You have responsibilities, you have a job, you have thousands, if not millions, of children and teens looking up to you. You let us down for the last time.

So you've finally done it. You broke me, Allen. We've simply had enough. You've overstayed your welcome. You've made a fool of us. You will never be forgiven.

It's time to leave A.I. Please, your not welcome here anymore.


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